We offer our time and talents to serve the local church and community, to participate in the Kingdom of God here on earth.

Residents volunteer at least ten hours a week in the local church and community. They develop projects on three levels:


  1. Support local churches - Our goal is to help new residents take “ownership” of their new setting by immediately by engaging in areas that could use improvement as well as in cooperative action with local church leadership. 

  2. Respond to needs of our neighbors - As we long for the church to be a place of justice and reconciliation, we use our resources (time, creativity, and funding) to put our faith into practice. We partner across the NorCal district, knowing our efforts and resources go further when we work together.

  3. Develop larger projects - We have embraced some ideas from the start-up culture of the Bay Area in order to empower our membership. A key portion of this project is a pot of funds to help seed our best ideas. As these ideas are developed and prototypes put into the world, we hope to refine our ideas and launch ministries that impact the church and world.

As a community, we create spaces for people to put their faith into action.

While our residents take leadership in developing particular projects, there are ways for all people to engage.


Every resident in The Possibility Project learns to articulate their faith through Scripture and testimony. We desire to support our church district by providing thoughtfully prepared sermons for church services when the lead preacher is unavailable. If you would like to request someone to preach at your church, please fill out this request form. Our staff will reply promptly to match you with the right person. 


We believe young people of faith have much to offer and we enthusiastically support youth ministry on the NorCal district and the Southwest Field in various ways. We staff and speak at camps, host zone events, and facilitate opportunities for leadership development.

We strive to live out our identity as people in the Kingdom of God by engaging with issues of justice and compassion in practical ways. We participate in advocacy efforts, serve in our local community, develop trainings and resources on relevant issues, and foster collaboration with partners around the Bay Area and throughout our global church. Check out our 2017 Re-Adventing Christmas interactive calendar in English and Spanish, our 2018 Practices of Simplicity series for Lent, and a "Seven Days of Compassion" devotional (available in 5 languages).

Community Partnerships include: Sunset Youth Services, Help One Child, Street Life Ministries, PACT, and Nazarene Compassionate Ministries.


Sacred Space Coworking is a

community of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and pastors in Silicon Valley with a heart for our community.  We provide conference rooms, event spaces, and work desks, as well as community and spiritual formation to create a space for creativity, productivity, and hospitality to all our neighbors.


Just Threads is an ethical clothing company that contributes to charitable causes. This project was born from re-imaging consumerism into a way of giving rather than just getting.


Murphy's Press upcycles clothing by screenprinting them with original designs, crafted by local creatives and printed locally in Palo Alto.


Saving Acts is a place where the creative minds of the church connect and serve the needs of the church, locally and globally, using the skill sets they’ve cultivated through their career. Creatives are defined as photographers, videographers, bloggers, graphic designers, carpenters, painters, and beyond.


One of our pastors, Jared Callahan, is developing a book/zine

addressing faith in your 20's and has created film content through People People Media Co. that can be utilized for church/small group discussion. Some of our residents maintain

personal blogs. We are developing resources to help churches

participate in the work of justice and compassion. Through

Saving Acts, we provided the cover story for

Nazarene Compassionate Ministries Magazine

as well as contributed photography for articles, social media

content, and conference publications.


We recognize our actions have a significant impact on the wellbeing of creation and our neighbors. We have built gardens at our community houses, we are exploring homesteading practices and low waste living, and we are implementing more sustainable systems with our church partners, events, and workspaces.


While we serve in a variety of other places, we also want you to add something to our list! We welcome you to join us or support an ongoing project.