Join us for our weekly meal!

Join us for our weekly meal!

Summer Update: Supper Church is on hiatus as we move to a new location in the East Bay!

Work alongside us at Sacred Space!

Our pastoral staff and many residents utilize the co-working facilities of Sacred Space.

Open Monday-Friday, 9a-6p.

2490 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, CA 94301


If you would like to join the residency program hosted by The Possibility Project, download the application/reference forms and contact us so that we can begin a conversation together.

Interns commit to a two year residency. Most residents move in by August 1, although some spots open up on a different time table. Please contact us to inquire about availability.

Questions and Contact Info:

[The Possibility Project does not provide auto/medical

insurance, student loan relief, travel subsidies, outstanding

debt payments or salary.]


Like most organizations, some of the funds we raise go to a general fund to pay for facility, salary, and administrative needs. However we believe that the majority of our fundraising should go directly to the ministries that engage the needs of our neighbors. With this in mind, we have established a general principle that 75% of all "tithe" (regular giving) will be set aside for ongoing ministry support. The 25% reserved for program support is directed to support missionaries, global justice programs of the church, educational institutions, the administrative support of the denomination and all other costs of The Possibility Project.

Additionally, you can request to support a specific project. When designated, 100% of your gift to The Possibility Project will automatically be set aside for the direct purpose of your donation.