Our Story

The Possibility Project is a faith community focused on empowering all members to make their passions worshipful.


We developed out of a re-organized Sunnyvale Church of the Nazarene, where Pastor Jeff Purganan sought to use the church resources faithfully and creatively within the unique setting of the Silicon Valley. After selling the Sunnyvale church building, The Possibility Project grew as a local church re-start, with the core programing intitially focused on a two-year post college residential internship.


The Possibility Project residents live together in intentional Christian community and find employment in the Bay Area. Together, we learn what it means to live out our faith in the "real world" as we find places of ministry and service. Residents host our Sunday supper church, participate in weekly discipleship training, and develop a wide range of projects using their gifts and passions. We ask “What is God calling you to do?” and “How can we help you do it?”


The residency welcomed its first cohort in 2013 and has since hosted 19 interns. Because each resident is encouraged to bring his or her own gifts to the table, the community has supported a wide range of projects and ministries, big and small, local and global.


As we continue to grow as a local faith community, we invite you to explore the possibilities with us.

Core Values

Christian Community - We believe that sharing life together teaches us how to care for others. Through hospitality practices, we hope for new expressions of God's love to arise through the diverse gifts/perspectives represented in the church.

(John 13:1-17, 34-35)


Service to Our Neighbors - Throughout Scripture, from the law and prophets through the gospels and epistles, it is clear that all of us were created to love and serve those around us.

(Matthew 22:36-40 & Galatians 5:13-14)


Worship - More than songs and traditions, worship is devotion and obedience to the God who created us. While this may take many expressions (including praise and spiritual practices), it must include the recognition of God's image as placed on every human, the pursuit of justice, and the care of creation.

(Isaiah 58:6-14, John 4:20-24, Acts 20:35)

We are hosted by the Church of the Nazarene and those specifically looking to be licensed and ordained within the Church of the Nazarene will have additional mentorship and support from clergy at your local parish and through the Nor-Cal Board of Ministerial Preparation.